Equipping leaders to continuously improve their performance is a critical component for any organization that wants to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In a business world that is constantly evolving, leaders need to enhance their skills in order to respond and drive company performance.

Create opportunities for growth with your organization by increasing the skills of your leaders and potential leaders. The following workshops are designed to simulate "real world" experiences so that participants can explore new ways to meet their daily challenges.

Leading with Authentic Power

Become a more impactful leader by deepening your self-awareness and removing blind spots that lessen your effectiveness.

Leadership Agility: Embracing Change to Drive Performance

Explore strategies to lead change initiatives and coach people through the resistance that disrupts performance.

Influencing to Engage Others and Get Results

Learn to be mindful of how you engage or disengage others and become a catalyst for change by enhancing the clarity of your message.

Leadership Communication Strategies

Use strategies to inspire others with communication that has clarity, and eliminate the drama that is caused by unclear, distorted, or vague dialogue.

Corporate Culture Design: Build a Culture that Anticipates and Initiates Change

Examine the beliefs, values, and behaviors of your corporate culture to ensure they are in alignment with the demands of the marketplace and that peak performance is achieved.

Building Teams by Developing Leaders

Understand how to drive team performance by fostering an environment of trust, and by teaching leadership skills to team members through your example. The speed of the team is determined by the speed of the leader, and speed to execution is determined by the levels of trust within team members.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Explore effective ways to get things done by developing, communicating, and executing strategic goals.

Resolving Conflict and Creating Opportunity

Learn approaches to resolve conflict, and reduce the tension that blocks innovative thinking.

Customized Program Development

Customized training programs or meeting facilitation services are provided to address specific business needs.