The Influence Matrix

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Book review of the Influence Matrix
By Wayne Hurlbert


Strategies for Engaging Others to Get Results

In order to manage in a world where uncertainty is the norm, we develop stories to define our beliefs about what is true and predictable. These stories become our matrix of reality. Discerning our matrix of reality as compared with that of others is the space where complexity can surface or communication can break down. Knowing how to minimize the tension in these situations and knowing how to move things toward productive outcomes takes skill. That skill is called influence.

Unlike most books on the topic of influence, this one is not about persuading others to do things. It is a guide with practical tools and strategies for challenging how you think and how you engage (or disengage) others. The strategies and communication techniques provided will help with identifying and shifting whatever prevents you from influencing others to align in the direction of positive results.

The Influence Matrix includes thought-provoking anecdotes, and practical insights that have been developed through twenty years of coaching emerging leaders and executives.

This book will give you the opportunity to:

  • Practice strategies for increasing self-awareness and reducing blind spots that weaken the ability to influence
  • Improve clarity in communication and eliminate the drama caused by unclear, distorted, or vague dialogue
  • Engage others with stories and actions that demonstrate trustworthiness

Applying the strategies in this book will cause you to question how you think,
believe, and behave. Are you ready for the challenge?